Video Parlofonie High-End Bticino SFERA LUNA+ with vertical letterbox flap

Product Code : PL-0005-2-MAIL-V-BT- EAN: -

  • Video entrance front panel with letterbox flap / throw-in flap vertical + name shield and.
  • Outside dimensions: width 185mm x height 615 mm

  • For Bticino outdoor station = 2 wire audio/video module 351300 wide angle viewing angle: horizontal 135°- vertical 96° .
  • "All-In-One" for Bticino components. 

  • Sleek high-end design at the entrance to your home, apartment, gate or business ....

  • Design front panel made of 10mm aluminum with solid letterbox flap thickness 5mm.
  • Flap opening: width 50mm x height 295mm = box minipack small & medium Bpost
  • Standard ral colour: black ral 9005 fine texture.  All Ral colors available ralkleuren plexi-view 

  • Inward rotating letterbox flap, waterproof.
  • Standard mounting
  • The name tag can be easily changed with a unique, invisible mounting system.
  • The name tag can be personalized when ordering or later.
  • Call pushbutton standard black or stainless steel (also available led illuminated)
  • Central mounting system front panel (easy blind mounting).
  • Vandalism resistant.
  • Installation possibilities: on walls, gates, columns, mailboxes, etc. 
  • Easy installation in narrow surroundings.
  • Unique built-in system for built-in gates, columns, ...
  • Level mounting possible via oblong holes.

Sfera Luna, partner of the Legrand Group (copyright model)

ralkleuren plexi-view All Ral colours available

afmetingen plexi-view Dimensions: width 185 mm x height 615 mm

We supply:

  1. Front panel in ral colour.
  2. Support base for mounting on junction box 350020 Bticino (pre-assembled)
  3. Mounting method: recessed (stucco)
  4. 351305pkm - plexi for module 351300
  5. 1 call pushbutton 
  6. 1 name tag, interchangeable
  7. Letterbox flap with opening: width 50 x height 295 mm

You need:

  1. 351300 - Audio/video module with wide-angle lens
  2. 346993 - Interface Sfera 
  3. 346050 - Power supply
  4. Compatible with all bTicino Indoor units: 100X16E  or Classe 300EOS (344842)
  5. Preferably use twisted pair cable Bticino REF 336904 for the connection!

Video Parlofonie High-End Bticino SFERA LUNA+ with vertical letterbox flap

  Aluminium THE GREEN METAL:

Aluminum can be recycled almost infinitely without loosing its unique properties. In remelting it is not only reclaimed metal, but by definition, 95% of energy is saved. The ore is very easy to exploit: it is just excavated to the surface. After just fifteen years nature has recovered.

Our exclusive products are produced in certified high quality materials. A combination of state of the art machinery and handcrafted finishes. 

Designed & (hand) made

Sfera Luna (partner of the Legrand Group), copyright model.