Video Parlofonie High-End Bticino SFERA LUNA+3 code keyboard

Product Code : PL-0005-3-BT

SFERA LUNA+ video entrace front panel with 3 removable name tags.

For Bticino wide angle audio/video AVT 351300 & keypad 353000 AVT (LED illuminated).

Sleek high-end design at the entrace, vandal resistant ...

Design front panel as standard in colour black ral 9005 fine texture.

The front panels are available in all ral colors, matching the color of your residence or project.

  • Made in 10mm aluminium, High End, solid finish.
  • Central mounting system front panel. (easy blind mounting)
  • Vandalism resistant.
  • Installation possibilities: on walls, gates, columns, mailboxes, etc ...
  • Easy installation in narrow surroundings.
  • Model flush mounting on standard box Bticino 350030
  • Unique recessed system for recessed gates, poles, etc. .....
  • 3 removable name tag(s), easy to change with a unique invisible mounting system.
  • The name tags can ben personalized or not, when ordering or later.
  • 3 call pushbuttons for duo/trio home, flat or practice/private application.
  • Also available with surface-mounted module.

Sfera Luna, partner of the Legrand Group (copyright model)

ralkleuren plexi-view All Ral colours available

afmetingen plexi-view Dimensions: width 145mm x height 345mm

  • 350030 or 350130 AVT - flush mouting box 3 modules Bticino

We supply :

  1. Front panel in ral colour
  2. Support base for mounting on AVT junction box 350030
  3. Screws for mounting on flush-mounting box
  4. 351305pkm - plexi for module 351300 AVT
  5. 354000 videoparlofonie connection cable for functional modules
  6. 353005pkm - plexi front panel keypad
  7. 3 call pushbuttons
  8. 3 removable name tags

You need :

  • 350030 AVT - flush-mounted box 3 modules
  • 351300 AVT - Audio/video module with wide-angle lens
  • 353000 - keypad LED illuminated
  • 346993 Interface Sfera 
  • 346050 AVT - Power supply
  • REF 306064
  • Compatible with all Bticino Indoor units : AVT-Classe 100X16E or AVT Class 300 X13E7 wifi-3/4G

    These Bticino components are available : 

via the wholesaler
via your installer/electrician
via stores

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  • Real time display. The rendering will always be optimized by our typographer / graphic artist.
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Video Parlofonie High-End Bticino SFERA LUNA+3 code keyboard

  Aluminium THE GREEN METAL:

Aluminum can be recycled almost infinitely without loosing its unique properties. In remelting it is not only reclaimed metal, but by definition, 95% of energy is saved. The ore is very easy to exploit: it is just excavated to the surface. After just fifteen years nature has recovered.

Our exclusive products are produced in certified high quality materials. A combination of state of the art machinery and handcrafted finishes. 

Designed & (hand) made in Belgium

Sfera Luna (partner of the Legrand Group), copyright model.