Product Code : PL-COT-018 ?

All house numbers/house signs in the cottage line are designed to match perfectly to your rural style country home. 

This type of house sign can be mounted on the wall using screws or adhesive (option).

These house signs are designed and manufactured in Belgium with high quality materials. All characters/surfaces are engraved and coated, so they will last at least 10 years !

We offer a unique combination of state of the art machinery and handcrafted finishes, enabling to create personalized products.

The color combination can be fully custom-made to your home. All RAL colors available and adaptations are possible !

Our house sign creations are like works of art: they are made with passion of the artist and ask patience from the art lover ... . 

Delivery time is 2 to 6 weeks depending on our current workload. Worldwide shipping!

 - We provide 10 years guarantee.



  • - House number and text / names (base plate) engraved in powder-coated aluminum. 
  • - Colouring number and text / names: high quality UV varnish.
  • - Impregnated natural stone (A quality) repels water, oil and moss. (Option)
  • - Symbol: see the order form, several symbols possible or none

DIMENSION: 170mm x 123mm (width x height)

SUPPLIED WITH: wall plugs/screws and adhesive for easy fitting, assembly system, instructions and a drilling template

COLORS: See the order form, all RAL colors available !

Easy assembly!



Green Aluminium Metal:

Aluminium can be recycled almost infinitely without loosing unique properties. In remelting it is not only reclaimed metal, but by definition, 95% of energy is saved. The ore is very easy to exploit: it is just excavated to the surface. After just fifteen years nature has recovered.


Our house signs are produced in certified high quality materials. Our designed product is a combination of state of the art machinery and handcrafted finishes. MADE IN BELGIUM

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Base price example model : € 175,00 VAT inc.