Doorbell RVS 316 square

Product Code : PL-RR-INOX-005

Doorbells made from brusched stainless steel 316.

A combination of elegance with a sleek design.

Custom made possible.

Our doorbell creations are like works of art : they are made with passion of the artist and ask patience from the art lover ...


Delivery time is 1-5 weeks, depending on the current workload. Worldwide shipping.



We provide 10 years warranty.



  • - Doorbell:  inox 316 (stainless steel)
  • - DIMENSIONS : 65 mm x 65 mm (width x height)
  • - VOLTAGE: from 0 to 50 volt - 1 amp (compatible with all existing doorbell systems)
  • SUPPLIED WITH: assembly kit, fixing instructions,easy to install.
  • COMBINATION: 3 layers of solid RVS316 stainless steel


- Stainless steel (RVS) 316 brushed 
- The doorbell button in stainless steel has a water resistance value of IP68 (= IP68 waterproof)



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Stainless steel 316 is the standard for the chemical industry, stainless steel 316 is high quality material and ideal for outdoor use. The cheaper doorbells and also many house sings are made of stainless steel  304 indoor quality and therefore less resistant to corrosion.

Always ask these values on paper!


Our doorbells are produced in certified high quality materials. Our designed product, is a combination of state of the art machinery and handcrafted finishes. MADE IN BELGIUM



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