Doorbell nameplate ANTI GRAFFITI rectangle+

Product Code : PL-INALURR-008

Doorbell with nameplate of the ALUM-SHADOWLINE, a combination of contour lines in a timeless design.

It is made from aluminium, the green metal, structure coated.

Custom-made possible.


This doorbell is a visiting card of your house. 

Our doorbellcreations are like works of artthey are made with passion of the artist and ask patience from the art lover ...


Delivery time is 1-5 weeks, depending on the current workload.  Worldwide shipping.


We provide 10 years warranty.


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Base price example model : € 225,00 VAT inc.


- House sign and background : aluminum powder coated in textured.

- Text engraved and coloured with high quality UV varnish.


- Doorbell button is stainless steel,  water resistance value of IP68 (IP68 = watertight).


- Connection : 0 - 50 volt / 1 A (compatible with all existing doorbell systems)


- DIMENSIONS : 120 mm x 90 mm (width x height)

- SUPPLIED WITH: assembly kit, fixing instructions.




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Doorbell nameplate ANTI GRAFFITI rectangle+


Aluminium, the green metal : Aluminium can be recycled almost infinitely without loosing its unique properties. In remelting it is not only reclaimed metal, but by definition, 95% of energy is saved. The ore is very easy to exploit: it is just excavated to the surface. After just fifteen years nature has recovered.


 Our house signs are produced in certified high quality materials. Our designed product is a combination of state of the art machinery and handcrafted finishes. MADE IN BELGIUM


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Base price example model : € 225,00 VAT inc.