Business Sign LED LumiCity 01-35x30

Product Code : PL-NM-LED-008

Business sign led, a durable and sleek design. 
Its very important, the first impression on you're house, office, company ...

LumiLight is a "design sign" to make a exclusively first impression of your business or professionalism.
This first impression is important and Plexi-View has everything to fulfil these conditions and is additional energy efficient.

Power consumption: 20 euro a year, calculated on the 24/24h lighting.
This illuminated business sign can lit day & night. A bright spot in the gloomy months.


- We provide 10 years guarantee on the body en 3 years for the led.


Our house sign creations are like works of art:
they are made with passion of the artist and ask patience from the art lover ...

This type of house sign can be mounted on the wall using screws or adhesive (option).

Delivery time is 2 to 6 weeks depending on our current workload and we ship worldwide.



- House number and text / names engraved in high impact PMMA.
- Colouring number and text / names: high UV varnish.
- Background Plate: solid powder-coated aluminum or 316 stainless steel (SS)
- The LED lamp is replaceable, easy Assembly.

DIMENSION mm : 350mm x 300mm x 30mm (wide x height x thickness)
DIMENSION inch : .... inch x ... inch x ... inch (wide x height x thickness)

- SUPPLIED WITH: assembly system, easy to install, manual with photos.



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Our house signs and doorbells are the result of a combination of high-tech machines
handcrafted finishing. All our raw materials are of the highest quality and
certified. ___________ MADE IN BELGIUM


Aluminium the green metal:

Three quarters of all aluminium that has ever been produced is still in use. An enormous source 
of energy savings because: melting down recycled aluminium requires only 5% of the energy needed to 
produce new material. Aluminium can be recycled an infinite number of times without the metal 
losing any of its unique properties. The ore is very easy to exploit, it just excavated on the surface. 
After only 15 years the nature restored itself from mining (excavating) aluminium.


Inox 316 is the standard for the chemical industry.
Inox This is high quality and ideal for outdoor use. The cheaper
doorbells and also many house numbers are of Inox 304 interior door or quality
of plastic and therefore less resistant to corrosion.

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